Anne-Charlotte Gimenez

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Anne-Charlotte Gimenez

Client Services Assistant


Anne-Charlotte joined Mango in April of 2017, which makes her the newest employee to have joined the team. As client services assistant, she provides administrative support to the consultancy, capacity building, and in-house training teams.

Anne holds a BSc in Telecommunications Engineering and a MSc in New Technologies Management. Between her BSc and MSc, she was trained by (IM)PROVE, a French NGO supported by the HEC business school, and learned their methodology for social impact assessment (SROI adaptation). She also raised funds and found organizations in need of SIAs. 

Following that, Anne spent a year in the field assessing the social impact of six social businesses, NGOs, and companies: EGG-Energy in Tanzania, Starshea Ghana, Aqua Indonesia, Women for Human Rights Nepal, Hayat Turkey, and Descarte Correto in Brazil. She was extremely influenced by this experience and it inspired her to grow her career in the international development sector.

Q + A

What is your favorite place you’ve been to, and where do you want to go next?

Two years ago, I spent a week in a remote village in Ghana at the border with Burkina Faso. Some translators were coming in the mornings to help me run interviews, but I was on my own during afternoons and evenings. Unable to communicate with adults, I started to make friends with the children in the village. I taught them French songs and games, and I soon began to spend all of my free time with them. Sometimes I wonder if they still sing French songs there. It was an amazing experience.

Two of my housemates are getting married in South Africa in December this year. My seven other housemates and myself are all planning to go and spend two weeks there for the occasion.

Describe your ideal weekend

Being with friends and/or family in the countryside, spending time together, going for walks, cooking, reading, playing music, having drinks, lying in the sun...