Our Mission

To strengthen the operational and management capacity of organizations in the global NGO community through effective collaboration, practical solutions, professional development, and advocacy.

What We Do

Our name is based on our premise that inside every international relief or development NGO there are core professionals who provide the structure and expertise to support the reach and impact of their organization. We are dedicated to strengthening operational teams.

Sector-specific Training, Benchmarking, and Advocacy

Over 7,000 participants benefit annually from 100+ workshops, an annual conference, webinars, and over 30 peer roundtables. We conduct surveys for HQ and expat compensation and benefits, indirect costs, software use, and spot surveys. InsideNGO is a forum that links your voice with those of your colleagues to speak with influence when commenting on OMB Circulars and other relevant government regulations as they are proposed. Advocacy efforts to improve the effectiveness of USAID and Department of State policies and procedures continue apace. We are respected by key staff at these agencies and meet regularly to discuss and resolve issues.

Resources and Networking

InsideNGO is all about strengthening the “inside” staff of international NGOs. Our strength is in the involvement of our members. Members of InsideNGO are able to ask questions and share relevant resources and practical tools that are unique to our community. This is accomplished through Listservs, a resource library, and member contact lists as well as roundtables. Members select meeting topics, set the advocacy agenda, present at workshops and annual meetings, share their policies and procedures, and work together to develop useful resources.

Operational Excellence for Global Impact

The vision of InsideNGO is to be a global NGO community where operational excellence and professional expertise come together to change the world.

InsideNGO Membership Offers a Solid ROI:
What our members say about us

“While it's possible to find information on staff salaries and benefits in non-profit organizations, InsideNGO is the only organization I know that focuses exclusively on international development organizations, making the results completely relevant.” Darcy Wertz, Director of Operations, Solidarity Center

"The connections I have made through InsideNGO, with colleagues who do similar work, is a terrific asset. I can reach out to them and say “How are you handling this situation that USAID has presented us with?” Or sometimes it’s an operational challenge. If there is a civil war going on, how are you moving money around in the country or are you?" Doug Horner, VP Awards, Compliance & International Operations, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Membership is not just for one person; it’s a benefit you share with your entire organization. One membership in InsideNGO includes all members of your “Inside Team” -- HR, Finance, Grants, Contracts, IT and Legal.

Our strength is the involvement of our members in all aspects of our work. Our members select programs, set the advocacy agenda, share their learning and expertise, build relationships, work together to develop useful resources, present at workshops and annual conferences, and provide training to one another.

For more information contact info@InsideNGO.org